1. Hi Dan :) I love your resins - just ordered color-pro for a new series of one off custom Game of Thrones figures I am doing. I now want to try your rtv stuff, I would to know which of your platinum cures would be roughly equivalent to OOMOO 30.
    1. Author
      The biggest difference is that the oomoo 30 is a tin cure silicone rubber and cast-a-mold platinum is a platinum cure. The Cast-a-Mold is a little softer but has better physical properties. You can compare properties below OOMOO 30 Mix Ratio By Volume: 1A:1B Pot Life: 15 minutes Cure Time: 75 minutes Color: Light Blue Shore A Hardness: 30 Tensile Strength: 240 psi Elongation @ Break: 250 % Die B Tear Strength: 40 pli Useful Temperature (max) 400 °F Mixed Viscosity 4,250 cps Cast-a-Mold Platinum Product: Cast-A-Mold Platinum Mix Ratio: 1:1 by weight Working Time: 40.0 Minutes Demold Time: 8.0 Hours Heat Deflection: 400 f + Tensile Strength, psi: 580 Elongation %: 500 Tear Resistance, ppi: 160 Color: Semi-Clear Hardness: 20-A Viscosity: 10,000 – 12,000 cps

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