ISSUE: Multiple products checking out with PayPal option may result in additional charge. (read below)

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: We will refund the difference immediately after your checkout.

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 Response Via Email (Adam) 01/19/2017 06:52 AM
Hi Dan,
I wanted to follow up with you on this and let you know I have found what is causing the issue.  When I ran my tests with the same products as you shared in your original post, the shopping cart is passing shipping parameters (shipping_1) for the first item, which is $23.50.  There is no shipping parameter passed for the second item (shipping_2) so that amount is being taken from your shipping profile.  In this case, the shipping for the second item was $14.50, so the total shipping was $38.00.
If you want to override the shipping profiles from your PayPal account completely, you will want to pass shipping for each item in the ‘shipping_x’ parameter.
Please let me know if you have further questions or if the issue has been resolved so I can close your support ticket appropriately.
Global Technical Support
FIXING THE PROBLEM: We have two companies including PayPal assisting in resolving the issue. Estimate time is 5 days.