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Black Pigment

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Specialty Resin's highly concentrated opaque pigments are excellent for coloring any of our polyurethane or epoxy resins.

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Black Pigment For Epoxy and Polyurethane Resins

Specialty Resins opaque pigments are used for coloring any of our polyurethane or epoxy resins. These pigments can also be used with most other polyurethane and epoxy resins. The best coloring effect can be achieved in clear systems such as our Color-Pro Resin, Flex-It series of resins, and our Epox-It 80 Resin. These are highly concentrated liquid pigments which means a small amount will go a long way. We recommend adding 1-3% of pigment by weight to side "B" (Resin side) It is helpful to make a small test run to achieve the desired color.

Note: Exceeding the recommended load amount can cause negative effects to the resins properties.

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  • 2 Jesse Dyffryn on Nov 4th 2021
    Very difficult to mix with resins

    Using .5%(0.25gr pigment to 50gr resin) with Model Pro as well as Fabri-Cast 50 mixing for around 1 to 1.5 minutes with the part "B" before mixing resins. About 90% of the time, my cast parts end up with streaks of just black pigment(uncured, tar like consistency). I have had no other issues with the other pigments I have gotten from SRC and who knows, I may have a bad batch or something or maybe this one requires a different approach than the others. I make double sure that I am shaking the bottle very well before hand and my area is at a good temp.