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General Purpose Epoxy

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SRC's General Purpose Epoxy is a general purpose high gloss epoxy resin used for coating bar tops, tabletops, coating countertops, and so much more!

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General Purpose Clear Epoxy Resin

SRC's General Purpose Epoxy is a clear epoxy resin kit used for general purpose projects such as coating bar tops, tabletops, and countertops, as well as encapsulation, resin painting, resin art, coating clear models, prototypes, fiberglass laminating, figurines, jewelry and more. This is an economical choice for contractors, hobbyists, crafters, and woodworkers that are on a budget. This is a high-gloss clear epoxy resin that will give your work a layer of protection and durability.

SRC General Purpose Epoxy Resin is easy to use, with a simple 1:1 ratio by volume. This two-part epoxy resin will be clearly labeled as parts Hardener (Side "A") and Resin (Side "B"). Once combined and poured, SRC's General Purpose Epoxy offers a 30-60-minute working time and a 24-48 hour demold time dependent upon the thickness of the casting and working temperatures. 


► Crystal Clear Finish
► Direct From The Manufacturer
► Made In The USA
► Water Resistant
► Impact Resistant
► Self Leveling
► High Gloss
► Easy To Use
► Full Technical Support

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Working Time 30-60 minutes
Demold Time 24 - 48 hours
Color Clear
Hardness 80-D