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  • Model Pro Off White Slow,

    Specialty Resin & Chemical

    Model Pro Off White Slow

    $27.99 - $516.99

    3 Reviews

    Model-Pro Slow is a two component polyurethane casting resin which has a longer working time for larger castings that require more time. Model-Pro Slow comes in either a 6 minute working time or 12 minute working time. It exhibits good impact resistance,...

    Working Time
    6 or 12 minutes
    Demold Time
    1 or 2 hours
  • Color-Pro Semi-Clear, Family

    Specialty Resin & Chemical

    Color-Pro Semi-Clear


    6 Reviews

    Color-Pro is a two component casting resin which is semi-clear when cured, which makes adding pigments and dyes extremely easy. Color-Pro was designed to make bold colorful castings of models, prototypes, figurines, reproductions, etc.. Color-Pro has low...

    Working Time
    2.5 minutes
    Demold Time
    15 minutes
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    Epoxy Resin