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Mold Making Rubber

  • Silicone Thinner

    Specialty Resin & Chemical

    Silicone Thinner

    $16.99 - $91.99

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    Cast-a-Mold silicone thinner is a dimethyl fluid with a viscosity of 50 cps. This thinner will be compatible with any of our silicone rubbers. Lowering the viscosity of amold making rubber will allow the silicone to flow more easily into smaller detailed...

  • Thixotropic Additive

    Specialty Resin & Chemical

    Thixotropic Additive


    Cast-a-Mold thixotropic additive is specifically formulated for brush on molding. After mixing the thixotropic additive 1-3% by weight into the Cast-A-Mold silicone rubber the material will thicken to a creamy paste that can be easily  brushed on...

  • Vas-Pro 1000

    Specialty Resin & Chemical

    Vas-Pro 1000

    $12.99 - $55.99

    Vas-Pro # 1000 is a petroleum based liquid release agent that is designed for releasing silicone rubber from itself. Vas-Pro can be applied with a brush, towel or using spray equipment such as a sure shot sprayer.   Note: Vas-Pro is not designed for...