How to video

Specialty Resin presents “How to Video,” page.   The videos are directed to specific product use and methods.   We will continue to make videos based on your input and comments. Remember to like our video and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Vertical design carving on a wall or jewelry design details can be challenging to get a mold from.  Using Silicone putty can get the job done with ease.    BUY

Split mold technique making a mold using platinum silicone rubber. This molding process can be used with Cast a Mold 25T and 30T as well.   BUY

In this video I demonstrate how to use Silicone Cast-A-Mold 25T with a thickening agent called Thixotropic Additive.  Must watch video.  BUY

Two part mold is easy when you identify the split line.  When pouring the resin into the mold make sure air can escape as you fill in the void.    BUY

Do it yourself resin art starts with quality epoxy resin.  Bar top epoxy resin EPOX-IT 80 is a 1 to 1 ratio mix. This video is the basics on the process. BUY

Wood chip in a frame with epoxy resin on top. Learn the process of pouring properly. Must see video, learn from my experiments.    BUY

Floating penny tray. Love the way the pennies float.  Easy to to do as long as you watch my video. The process is simple to the point. Bar top epoxy resin EPOX-IT 80 . This video is the basics on the process. BUY

Polyurethane resin compared, is a quick look at the different line of products we carry.  All of them are quick drying but with different characteristics.  I recommend you watching this video for your next project.  Full line of rigid casting in polyurethane click here. The more you know the less you waste.