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Color-Pro Semi-Clear

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$28.99 - $529.99

Color-Pro is a semi-clear two component casting resin that was designed to make colorful castings and contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly.

Maximum Purchase: 2 units

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Color-Pro is a two component casting resin which is semi-clear when cured, which makes adding pigments and dyes extremely easy. Color-Pro was designed to make bold colorful castings of models, prototypes, figurines, reproductions, etc.. Color-Pro has low viscosity, excellent impact resistance, and strength. It contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly. It also contains no fillers and can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Product uses include: Casting models, protoypes, figurines, proofing molds, making reproductions, etc.. This is ideal resin for professional model makers, hobbists, crafters, and taxidermists. Color-Pro will cure gradually in 15 minutes making it ideal for rotational casting applications.



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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.5 minutes
Demold Time 15 minutes
Heat Deflection 180°F
Shrinkage .001
Color Semi-clear
Hardness 75-D
Viscosity 100 cps
  • 5 Terisse on Dec 20th 2021
    color pro great for resin projects

    This works great for making resin projects, I use it to make orgonite (metal and crystals embedded in resin). Turns out beautiful.

  • 4 james A wittingen on Dec 16th 2021


  • 3 Jeffrey DOttavio on Nov 4th 2021
    Quality is slipping

    Normally, this would be a 5 star product for me. Lately, unfortunately, the product amounts have been a bit sketchy. I recently bought the 2 gallon kit, but received 4 half gallon kits. The problem there is that the half gallon kits aren’t a half gallon and, all added up, I got shorted about 16 ounces total. Also, more recently, I attempted to buy the 2 gallon kit again but was told they weren’t available, so I ordered 2 one gallon kits which ended up costing a bit more. When that order arrived, it was the 2 gallon kit that I was told wasn’t available, so they worked me for a few extra bucks that time. It should also be noted that you’ll be paying escalated shipping prices and, over the last few months now, you’ll be receiving your shipment AT LEAST a week late. I’ve been very loyal to this brand and their products, but it’s becoming harder and harder to justify it.

  • 5 Ray on Sep 27th 2021
    High Impact and tough

    Just exactly what I wanted. Wish I could give it 6 star

  • 1 T Friend on Aug 9th 2021
    Wrong Color

    The resin I received was wrong. Instead of the clear resin I was given black.

  • 5 Simon on Jun 22nd 2021
    Semi-clear pro

    SRC Semi-clear pro is the best material I have found to make sturdy small piece castings that can accept a variety of dyes & pigments. Results are always far superior to any other resin I’ve used.