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Cast-a-Mold 30TF

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Cast-A-Mold 30TF is faster and slightly harder than the Cast-A-Mold 25T. It is a general purpose rtv silicone elastomer which exhibits excellent tear strength, long library life, and accurate detail reproduction. Cast-A-Mold 30TF is a condensation cured silicone (tin catalyzed ) It is used to make rubber molds that can be used to cast polyurethanes, epoxy's, polyester's, cement, concrete, soap, wax, plaster, etc.. It is easy to mix and de-air, and will cure at room temperature over virtually any surface. Cast-A-Mold 30TF is extremely useful for applications where superior physical properties are required.

Mix Ratio:
10:1 by weight
Working Time:
15.0 minutes
Demold Time:
8 hours
Heat Deflection:
300°F +
Tensile Strength:
600 psi
Tear Resistance:
150 ppi
30,000 cps
Technical Specifications

Safety Data Sheet